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Putt Down is a party game providing the joys of playing miniature golf while removing the frustrations of going outside, finding a course, and standing in line. Featuring a plethora of holes and courses, various modes of play, and a bit of irony (pun!) Putt Down provides a fully realized gaming experience.


A. Game Treatment

An overview of the game including concept, features, target customer, competition and controls. Five-pages.

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B. Design Philosophy Example: Zen Pinball


Zen Pinball contains a number of gameplay/implementation features that encapsulates Putt Down's vision. 

1. High Detail: The play fields are small in comparison to triple-A titles of intergalactic battlefields or tropical jungles but the level of detail is amazing. Every table is constructed realistically with virtual components and a popping artistic flair. Every table is fully realized, pays tribute to the subject while remaining fun and peripheral.

2. Virtual Creative License: 

Many of the tables contains elements taken for granted in reality: friction, physics, score feedback. This reality is aided by a creative use of mechanics based in video game's capacity that overshadows real-world capabilities. As seen in this Tesla video, Zen Pinball can utilize "electromagnetic pulses" and "steam propelled ball distributors". A subtle use of videogameness heightens the enjoyment of the game and adds new mechanics and dynamics to a medium as old and common as pinball.

3. Downloadable Content

Zen Pinball retains a strong online presence with its users. An active leaderboard, tournaments, competitive play all neatly service a niche community. Another great addition to the game's longevity is its downloadable content. Many of the game's DLC tables are based on other popular video game franchises, reportedly released in concurrence to a title as a promotional vehicle. These tables don't hold a stigma of crass commercialism but serve as a rewarding, fan-servicing experience for both fans of the source material and pinball nerds alike.

4. Customizable Experience

Zen Pinball also features a number of user-friendly constructs that allows the player to craft his/her own experience. Players can import their own music playlists, save their game score/ball location and (third cool example) which helps take away the annoying element of playing a casual game. Players like having a voice and also like to be in control of their platform. 


P.S. The best PS3 titles have customizable music. Music Gestapos are annoying. 


C. Putt Down: For People Like You

Putt Down. For goofballs like Caleb Welsh. 


D. Beautiful Loser

Inspiration for desired feeling.:


E. Putt Down: For People Like You

Putt Down: For people like Cindy and Paul